CatSynth pic: Kitty and Serge (from Knox Bronson)

Submitted by Knox Bronson:

Knox has also made a comic of Kitty on the Serge:

[Click to enlarge]

The comic is part of Knox Bronson's promotion for his new CD Pop Down the Years. Check it out.


3 Responses to “CatSynth pic: Kitty and Serge (from Knox Bronson)”

  1. coolest asian in the universe Says:

    Aw, that's adorable.

  2. Kitty Says:

    This cat is a copy cat. "Kitty" is my name :P

    Anyway… the coat colouring on the 'cat'matches the equipment. Looks like they'r meant for each other ;-)

  3. Criz Lai Says:

    Cool.. TechnoCat or DJ Kitty? So far I have heard of Dogs, Chipmunks and Ducks singing. I wonder when you are coming out with a Cat singing album :P