Wordless Wednesday: Oak Grove


32 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Oak Grove”

  1. beeker Says:

    I like the view from underneath the overpass. Neat photo!

  2. Bobbie Says:

    As much as I love nature photography, there is also something compelling about photos of man-made structures. Well done.

  3. Vixen Says:

    I have been there many times. I appreciate the beauty of the underpass.

  4. Shannon Says:

    Interesting shot, the urban jungle

  5. jennifer Says:

    I can almost hear the traffic…Jennifer

  6. Gattina Says:

    I don't know what to say ! But I was here … ! Lol.

  7. jams o donnell Says:

    Great shots. It took me a second to realise that the cars in the second photo were parked!

  8. Mariposa Says:

    Interesting shots! Haven't seen one like that. Happy WW!

  9. SandyCarlson Says:

    It amazes me low little makes a highway–a little concrete, tar, and steel“yet it is so important to us and plays a central role in every aspect of our lives. Nice shots.

  10. Chris Says:

    Nice city shots! I love San Fran :)

  11. ellen b Says:

    it's amazing where you can find art! happy wednesday…

  12. Daisy Says:

    Heehee! For a second I thought those cars were driving through those big metal X-es!

  13. Hendrix Says:

    welcome to House Panthers Luna! You are a very pretty addition to our group.
    If I could drive, i'd go nuts on those highways!

  14. Shelia Says:

    A day in the life of the city, nice shot!

    Happy WW! :)

  15. Gabriel Says:

    I've driven on the I80 in the past, but never further west than Pennsylvania…

    I like the pictures very much, that's a big bridge!

    Thanks for dropping by, have a great WW!

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  16. Sarah (Genesis Moments) Says:

    Cool shot! Thanks for stopping by! Happy WW!

  17. Gandalf & Grayson Says:

    Bridges are NOT cool. That's why we don't live in a big city anymore.

  18. Andrée Says:

    I do not like those cross pieces underneath that seem to be holding up that heavy highway with all those people on it. I know it is safe but it does not look reassuring.

  19. napaboaniya Says:

    How amazing that it looks completely different during the day and night under those bridges;-)

  20. zamejias Says:

    Arrrgh! Traffic. BTW, what was all that trusses doing in the midst of the road?

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  21. tips and tricks Says:

    It must be so hard for those drivers down there.

  22. Lori Says:

    I wouldnt trust the bridge after the SF earthquake years ago. A little scary;-)…Happy WW and thanks for stopping by.

  23. Beezer Says:

    Talk about using every available space for parking!

  24. CatSynth Says:

    I have generally been inspired by the urban industrial landscape around me, as in [url=http://www.ptank.com/catsynth/index.php?entry=entry080210-204555]this earlier post[/url]. I did not expect such interesting and provocative comments for this post.

    I think the main supports of the highway are the big concrete columns, and the metal X's are braces, for seismic support. You see a lot of X-braces on buildings here, too.

    The San Francisco Skyway (I-80) is relatively old, but made it through the 1989 earthquake OK. I might actually report on this in more detail in a future post. The history of the freeways in San Francisco, and their gradual demolition for seismic safety and other issues, is quite interesting.

    And yes, parking in San Francisco is quite scarce, so you will find cars parked anywhere it hasn't been declared illegal.

  25. Jean @ Penny Lane Says:

    That certainly is an interesting picture and parking situation.

    Thanks for stopping by and having a snowburger with the bbqing snowguys. They liked your laughter.

  26. liza Says:

    interesting photos! happy ww.

  27. a simple life Says:

    Yes, I noticed a lot of x's. Happy Thursday :)

  28. felinesophy Says:

    …I never thought that San Fransisco is a very limited space coz' in order to park a car could do it under the highway? That's rare;) btw, if you got nothing but itme try to sneak-peak into [url=http://felinesophy.blogspot.com]http://felinesophy.blogspot.com[/url] and have ur vote:)
    See yaw around!

  29. Snow and Forest Says:

    Cool pictures ~ have a fun Thursday and a great weekend!
    Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

  30. Chris Says:

    great pics – what a busy place

  31. Serena Says:

    Not sure what to say about photos either. Wonder why folks park underneath highways? :&#124;

  32. Matthew James Didier Says:

    Weirdly compelling… and nothing like it in my neck of the globe.