Carnival of the Cities, March 12 Edition

Something new for us at CatSynth: we are hosting the March 12, 2008 edition of Carnival of Cities. We have been participating recently with our posts on art and photographs from our new neighborhood, so we are happy to be hosting this week.

We start off in our home city, San Francisco, where CalebL presents href=""
>Use your Useless Knowledge
> posted at href=""
>City on a Dime

Kara Williams presents href=""
>The Arts in New Orleans – Part I
> posted at href=""
>Traveling Mamas
>, saying, “Beth Blair, DesertMama, wrote this post after she visited New Orleans last week!” I recall enjoying some of the artistic opportunities in New Orleans when I visited in 2006 (a little over a year after Katrina), but I did not see the Ogden museum. Sounds like the atrium is itself worth a visit.

Mary Jo Manzanares presents href=""
>This Seattle Bar Will Suit You to a Tea
> posted at href=""
>The Seattle Traveler
>, saying, “A hot “cuppa” and free wi-fi, what more could you want?” She makes a good point.

Amanda Milne presents href=""
>a travelog from Orlando, pretty much everything except for a certain resort with a mouse.
>Posted at href=""
>Value For Your Life

In honor of Tavern Day,Jul presents href=""
>a little post about drinking in Munich
> posted at href=""
>Europe String
>. “There?s drinking in Munich??

Marsha Takeda-Morrison presents href=""
>American Idol: Welcome to Hollywood, Dawg!
> posted at href=""
>Kango Blog
>, saying, “You know the part where Randy shouts out, ?Welcome to Hollywood, dawg?? Well they actually do come to Hollywood, believe it or not. So if you’re thinking of coming to L.A. to scope out a live taping, read this first…”

One of the great things about hosting a carnival is finding articles like this next one. Heatheronhertravels presents href=""
>Graffiti tourism in Bristol
> posted at href=""
>Heather on her travels
>, saying, “Take a look at the street-art explosion that’s happening in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol, UK. Every builder’s hoarding has become an opportunity for artistic expression and the residents and shop-keepers are getting in on the act. You can see the piece by famous Bristol born street artist Banksy too.” Do check it out. The artworks, both on the street and in the galleries, are at least as good as some of what I have seen recently in New York and San Francisco. I would love to check this out, if I ever found myself in Bristol.

Karen Bryan presents href=""
>Free Berlin walking tours
> posted at href=""
>Europe A La Carte Blog
>. Like Karen, I generally prefer to go at my own pace around a city. And that is what I did when visiting Berlin. However, a guide at specific locations like the Holocaust Memorial (illustrated in the post) would have been good.

Thursday Thirteen meets Carnival of the Cities, as
Amy @ The Q Family presents href=""
>13 Things to do in or around Atlanta
> posted at href=""
>The Q Family Adventure
>. Looks like a decent list to keep in mind, especially if you find yourself in Atlanta and get tired of family or your business conference (and admit it, we all do).

Jon Rochetti presents href=""
>The New Newseum Opens April 11th
> posted at href=""
>The DC Traveler ? Washington DC travel & tourism information
>, saying, “The new 250,000-square-foot, seven-level museum dedicated to news and the press, covers five centuries of news, news history and reporting with up-to-the-second technology and hands-on exhibits.”

Another great find in this weeks carnival. I am a Frank Lloyd Wright fan, but I don’t think I have ever seen one of homes photographed in the snow before.
Machione presents href=""
>A Good Day To Shoot Frank Lloyd Wright In Canton
> posted at href=""
>The Lives and Times… of Anthony McCune
>, saying, “There aren’t many towns the size of Canton with three Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes.” Of course, Canton, like much of Ohio, has received record snowfall this March. The dark and spare linear forms of Wright’s architecture are a great contrast to the bare trees and snow.

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  1. Really appreciate you giving me a mention for my piece on Graffiti Tourism in Bristol and impressed that you think its as good as any you can find in New York or San Francisco – but of course Bristol graffiti artists think that their's is the best in Europe if not the world!

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