Wordless Wednesday: Watching Barack

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34 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Watching Barack”

  1. napaboaniya Says:

    Look whose interested in politics as well! :)

  2. Jenny in Ca Says:

    very cute! My WW happens to be of my cat- he thinks he is a tiger sometimes…

    happy WW!

  3. clarence Says:

    If I were a cat I would too.;-)

  4. Jenn Says:

    Poor kitty…forced to watch this character! :P Just kidding, I’m sure he’s enjoying it! I love your page, came here by way of my Mom. She’s a cat person & she likes your pictures a lot! Happy WW!

  5. Villager Says:

    Happy WW! Every vote counts…

    I invite your blog readers to see one result of our nation’s economic crisis … the Zero-Dollar bill. (smile)

    peace, Villager

  6. Dragonheart and Merlin Says:

    You look very interested in what’s on the computer screen!

  7. SandyCarlson Says:

    A learned creature, indeed.

  8. jams o donnell Says:

    How did Kitty react to McCain? Judging by the reports on BBC this morning, McCain did not appear to have advanced his cause.

  9. Digital Flower Says:

    I like an informed cat!

  10. sHaE-sHaE Says:

    LOL he looks so into it too. ;-)

  11. malou Says:

    hello cat. do you plan to vote for obama..visit mine and share your meow..

  12. Halliwell Hobs Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You’re such a smart kitty Luna, and pretty too.

  13. Mar Says:

    ;-) A clever cat interesed in politics!!
    Happy ww!

  14. DNLee Says:

    smart cat

  15. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    Nice MacBook!

  16. Daisy Says:

    We watched last night, too!

  17. Aly Says:

    A cat that’s concerned about our country. I LOVE it!

  18. Randall Says:

    Too bad your cat can’t vote.

  19. Holly at Tropic of Mom Says:

    Is that like catnip or what? :)

  20. sarala Says:

    So who will your cat vote for? It is nice to know there are such educated cat voters out there.

  21. earthlingorgeous Says:

    that is so cute the cat is so serious watching.

  22. Parker Says:

    I have always suspected that Luna was a highly intelligent kitty!

  23. Mickey Says:

    So,how did ya like the debate Luna?
    We are having an election too :o
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Kitty Says:

    Hi Luna, are you gonna vote for Barack?

  25. Mr. Echo Says:

    Luna is lookin at a winner. The sooner we can send McCane to bed and that dimwit Palin back to Alaska, the bedder!!!

  26. Jimmy Joe Says:

    Wow, Luna, I am very impressed that you stay up on the issues! I tend to fall asleep, I’m sorry to say.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  27. A Mama's Blog Says:

    What a smart cat, watching the debate. Who won?

    Thanks for stopping by my WW today!

  28. Of Cats Says:

    Seems as though you are keeping a close watch on politics – I hope that you vote for Cheysuli though :)

  29. Robin Says:

    Looks like quite the well-informed cat :).

  30. Black Cat Says:

    You look very interested in the debate Luna. Did you enjoy some of that red wine too? :) xxx

  31. Allison Says:

    Haha! Very cute :) The cat and I certainly have enjoyment watching Obama in common!

  32. The Right Blue Says:

    I’m a little late for Wordless Wednesday this week, but I’m glad to see that Luna is keeping herself informed. Can kitties say, “Yes we can!” ;-)

  33. Jasper Lesen Says:

    I feel like your cat could cast a more intelligent vote than most! :P

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