Midnight Monday: Cat in the Window

No, this is not Luna. This black cat, featured in a holiday window display at Macy’s in San Francisco, did bear a strong resemblance.

Macy’s and the San Francisco SPCA have a longstanding program that features adoptable animals (cats and dogs) in the store’s holiday window displays. You can find more info at the San Francisco SPCA site.


5 Responses to “Midnight Monday: Cat in the Window”

  1. Lux & Silk Says:

    What a great idea for Macy’s and the SF SPCA to do that!

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! :)

  2. Kitty Says:

    Happy New Year, Everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

    It is a very nice display. It’s good of Macy’s to partner up with spca. I hope lots of animals were adopted.

    Amar, how did you manage to take a picture through a window without any glare showing? You really take good pictures!

  3. Kats (And Other) Tales Says:

    Sp many lovely kitties, so few loving homes. This is a nice idea. Hope it works! Happy New Year from all of us. Meow!

  4. Gattina Says:

    A cat as window decoration ! that’s a nice idea !

  5. The Right Blue Says:

    That’s a great idea. I hope the program was successful in finding homes for needy animals.