Wordless Wednesday: Herman (Groundhog Day)


35 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Herman (Groundhog Day)”

  1. CatSynth Says:

    Since WW is coincident with Groundhog Day (in the US and Canada), I decided to feature Herman, a stuffed groundhog. I have had him since I was about four years old. One can tell he was a much loved toy – he was pretty much is his current worn-out state by the time I was about 8 or 9. But here he is several decades later. When not taken out for photos, he now resides in prominent location in a glass display cabinet.

  2. New Jersey Memories Says:

    Luna is looking gorgeous as always!

  3. AVCr8teur Says:

    Wow, I wished I had kept my favorite childhood stuffed animal. Does Herman sees its own shadow?

  4. Samantha, Clementine & Maverick Says:

    Awwwww!!!! We love Herman! Have a Happy Wordless Wednesday Luna and a cool Groundhog Day!!!
    Your Tx Furiends,

  5. us4 cats Says:

    so is kitty hermans shadow? if so we see it. if not well, he blends in so well with the rug we almost did not see him and therefore no shadow; but we still see kitty !!

  6. Karl Says:

    I agree, it seems to be a part of the rug, but a cute part.

  7. Sue St Clair Says:

    Great pic of Luna and Herman purrfect for both Groundhog Day and WW :)

  8. Carol Says:

    Herman is sweet! Luna seems to be eyeballing him! Beautiful kitty!

  9. Beth F Says:

    But did he see his shadow???

  10. Mitch Says:


  11. Daisy the Curly Cat Says:

    Herman looks like he was a faithful buddy. Happy Groundhog Day!

  12. Jean w/ Typical Suburban Family Says:

    Did they see their shadows this morning?? Happy WW!

  13. Susan Adcox Says:

    I had a little stuffed dog with those same sleepy eyes! I wish I still had him.

  14. Catsparella Says:

    Aww, Herman!! So cute!! DId he see his shadow?? I still have my much-loved teddy bear I got for my 5th birthday :)

  15. Kim @ This Belle Rocks Says:

    Your kitty looks ready to tear this groundhog up if he says “More Winter!” I approve.

    I was late with WW this week; I have a new one up now :) Happy WW!

  16. feefifoto Says:

    We have a dog named Boppie that my father gave my mother before he proposed to her. Boppie’s supervised the sleep of three children and five grandchildren, while having been restored twice. He too occupies a safe and special place.

  17. CatSynth Says:

    For all those who asked if Herman saw his shadow – the answer is yes and I hope that means six more weeks the weather we have been having. 60-67F and sunny in San Francisco :)

  18. Karen Says:

    Oh…Herman is so sweet. I am happy to hear he is enjoying retirement, as a treasured stuffie.

  19. Beth @ 990 Square Says:

    I have my childhood stuffed animal too. I wouldn’t mind 6 more weeks of winter.

  20. Gattina Says:

    A new doll ? How cute !

  21. Marie Says:

    Great. Happy Groundhog Day!

  22. Cafe au lait Says:

    Herman is so cute and so is Luna.

    Mine are here and here.

  23. Running Garlic Says:

    awwww….so precious
    The chocolate on my blog is edible … the real thing!
    Thank you for stopping by!
    Debbie :-)

  24. Art of RetroCollage Says:

    At least the cat isn’t perturbed by Luna.

  25. Bellezza Says:

    We just came in from Florida, and are unable to pick up our kitties (and dog) due to the blizzard conditions in Illinois; I loved looking at the pictures of your cats. Even the groundhog! I miss mine so much. Cat, that is, not groundhog.

  26. JamericanSpice Says:

    I agree. Perfect WW for Groundhog day! :)

  27. Cats of Wildcat Woods Says:

    Happy Groundhog Day! Love Herman and Luna!

  28. Robin from Israel Says:

    Luna’s eyeing Herman the way I eye a brownie sundae LOL.

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  29. SandyCarlson (USA) Says:

    The cat seems not much impressed by the ground hog’s prognostications!

  30. Carrie Says:

    Happy WW! How neat you still have that!

  31. sammawow Says:

    What a great idea to feature your groundhog, Herman, today for Groundhog Day! I also still have a childhood stuffed animal that I received for my 1st Christmas, a stuffed duck. Today you wouldn’t know it was a duck unless I told you – Squeaky was a very much loved duck!

    Luna looks lovely as always! I featured China Cat today as she doesn’t like the cold and she would be very happy if Spring is really here in six weeks!

  32. Snowcatcher Says:

    Perfect to get Luna with Herman! Both look so content! If Herman stays inside, that means he didn’t see his shadow, right?!? :)

  33. Jill Says:

    hee hee :) Completely cute!

  34. Lisa's RetroStyle Says:

    Haha…no shadows there…YAY!

  35. Kitty Says:

    Luna is so classy and polite. She knows how valuable a childhood toy is and respectfully leaves it alone. :)