Wordless Wednesday: Oakland Maze


23 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Oakland Maze”

  1. CatSynth Says:

    The Oakland Maze, where I-80, I-580 and I-880 converge east of the Bay Bridge.

    I wasn’t quite sure what to post tonight, it’s been a stressful few days. Images of highways and architecture are calming – of course, Luna is, too.

  2. Indrani Says:

    Great perspective in this.

  3. Sukhmandir Kaur Says:

    They looks so stark and alone, but can’t help but wonder if these were bridges recently occupied.

  4. AVCr8teur Says:

    It is less stressful to see freeways without bumper to bumper traffic.

  5. aussiepomm Says:

    WOW, being an aussie, I’d get lost on that thing!!!

    Mine is up as well at WW – Sculptures By The Sea!

    Have a great WW!

  6. Beth F Says:

    I love the lines in this — nice perspective. I often fail to notice the infrastructure.

  7. Daisy the Curly Cat Says:

    That looks like a roller coaster for cars!

  8. Mitch Says:

    It looks like I feel!

  9. Louis la Vache Says:

    hee hee…
    The ugly underside of the Maze, complete with graffiti…

  10. Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook Says:

    Great shot. That really is a maze. Amazes me how they build things like that and have it actually work!

  11. CatSynth Says:

    Not a whole lot of graffiti on the underside of the maze, actually. The tag-like elements in this image are effects from the Hipstamatic.

  12. Li Says:

    I wouldn’t want to walk under there. Oddly, it reminds me of a french braid.

    Happy WW!!!


  13. Gattina Says:

    Highways are calming ??? Why not, everybody has his thing. I prefer looking on the sea !

  14. Snowcatcher Says:

    I like the frame you’ve used; quite the contrast, stark highway and bright, cheery colors. I hope the stress calms and the coming days are better.

  15. Marg Says:

    That is one confusing maze of bridges. Good job whoever built them. They go in so many directions and good job getting a picture of them.

  16. CatSynth Says:

    Driving highways isn’t calming at all, it’s just the visuals that appeals to my aesthetic sense.

  17. Sue Says:

    From this view it reminds me of a roller coaster :) Happy WW

  18. Beth @ 990 Square Says:

    If you think this is a maze, you need to come see the new DC mixing bowl! It’s nuts!

  19. Beth @ 990 Square Says:

    RE your comment back: I’ll have to remember to take some pictures of the new DC mixing bowl when I’m down in National Harbor in a few weeks. It’s VERY different from the picture you featured more. Even more spaghetti, if that’s possible!

  20. Cafe au lait Says:

    I love the perspective of this shot.

    Happy WW!

  21. Katz (And Other) Tales Says:

    Good grief! So it’s true: American architects are on drugs!

  22. SandyCarlson (USA) Says:

    Splendid! The maze is a convergence!

  23. Robin from Israel Says:

    Great leading lines. Glad I’m not driving on it though.

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