Wordless Wednesday: 4194 (Shipyard)


15 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: 4194 (Shipyard)”

  1. CatSynth Says:

    Another scene from Mare Island, captured using the iPhone Hipstamatic app. I made several trips to Mare Island while recording with my band Reconnaissance Fly, as our studio was nearby.

    For those interested in photography and in the Bay Area, I have the next round of my Open Studios coming up this weekend. More info at theartexplosion.com.

  2. Tillie and Georgia Says:

    Nice shot .
    The place looks pretty forlorn.

  3. Meryl Says:

    Awesome photo! Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  4. Beth F Says:

    Love the Hipsta effect. It really has a ghost town kind of mood.

  5. meowmeowmans Says:

    Nice capture! That looks like a quiet place, where one can be alone with his/her thoughts.

  6. Sue St Clair Says:

    It looks abandoned! Great effect! Happy WW

  7. Team Tabby Says:

    The infrastructure looks good with your Hipstamatic app.

  8. AVCr8teur Says:

    I have not been there, but it looks like a great place to take photos day or night.

  9. Sukhmandir Kaur Says:

    It has an old world look against the vivid blue sky, you almost expect a stage coach to pull up, or cowboys to ride in driving a heard of long horns.

  10. Snowcatcher Says:

    The blue and the red are so timely for this time of year; a patriotic statement without being patriotic.

  11. Daisy the Curly Cat Says:

    That photo makes me feel melancholy…

  12. Kitty Says:

    The way the pic is taken, looks almost like a western town, with the ‘old’ buildings. Nice.

  13. Kris @ Beyond the Whiskers Says:

    Sounds cool…how are the acoustics there?

  14. Beth @ 990 Square Says:

    Great shot, makes me feel like I’m going back in time!

  15. Cats of wildcat woods Says: