Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna (Noise Research)

We at CatSynth are always curious about musical contraptions whose names include “Luna”. The latest we have encountered is luna_NT from Luna Noise Research (aka luna_lab).

Of course, I had to coax Luna to pose with it. She was mildly curious (as she is with anything that arrives at CatSynth HQ).

But what does this contraption sound like? I managed to rustle up a 9-volt battery and fire it up. Here is a brief video of what we encountered:

You will have to pardon the bad iPhone videography. But it does give an idea of what the basic functions do. What I can do with it musically remains to be seen.

Weekend Cat Blogging #387 is hosted by Samantha, Clementine and Maverick.

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4 Responses to “Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna (Noise Research)”

  1. Gattina Says:

    This is the last comment for today before I fall into my bed, so excuse me, but I took your whatever it’s called for a yellow board with nailed spiders on it ! As some people do with butterflies ! sorry ! lol !

  2. CatSynth Says:

    That interpretation would work, except that most of the “spiders” have ten legs :)

  3. meowmeowmans Says:

    I love the picture of Luna sniffing Luna Noise Research. :)

  4. Kitty Says:

    It’s nice to have a musical ‘instrument’ named after you. Right Luna? :)