Wordless Wednesday: Rose (Disney Concert Hall)


19 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Rose (Disney Concert Hall)”

  1. CatSynth Says:

    Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, part of my post-NAMM wanderings. This photo was taken with the iPhone Hipstamatic app. The combination of digital signal-processing and architecture of the building works well.

  2. Gattina Says:

    Very creative picture !

  3. Beth F Says:

    I totally agree — great choice to use Hipsta. I need to play around with that more.

  4. Marg Says:

    Now that is an interesting picture. I think I like it. You sure know how to do all the fancy stuff. Take care.

  5. Louis la Vache Says:

    Neat shot – and the rose effect works nicely on it.
    Thanks for hosting a WW Linky.

  6. Robin from Israel Says:

    Beautiful tones!

    Anemones like the one in my photo are quite similar to poppies, but they bloom first. We won’t be seeing poppies for a few more weeks yet :).

  7. Jackie Says:

    Wow you have an absolutely stunning capture here! I love it!

    Happy WW! :-)

  8. Sue St Clair Says:

    It does work very well together. An interesting shot for sure!

  9. Beth @ 990 Square Says:

    Beautiful. The colors and the lines go wonderfully together.

  10. OneDay/LadyJC Says:

    Lovely photo, great colors! Have a wonderful WW!

  11. ❤ Julie Maloney ❤ (@Momspective) Says:

    I don’t remember seeing that when I was there! How did I miss it?

  12. meowmeowmans Says:

    VERY nice! That rose effect makes this capture look extra dramatic!

  13. Sukhmandir Kaur Says:

    Reminds me somehow of old fashioned windmill blades.

  14. Dana Says:

    Beautiful color!

  15. AVCr8teur Says:

    Nice, I really like the colors in contrast to the blue sky. I have never been here before and have only seen it from afar.

  16. Lisann Says:

    This is just beautiful.

  17. Snowcatcher Says:

    I love the coloring on this one; so rich. The lines of the architecture definitely add to the composition.

  18. jennifer Says:

    Wow. Amazing colors against that metal! Missed you at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers (www.wordlesswednesdaybloggers.blogspot.com). Hope you’ll join us!

  19. Tillie and Georgia Says:

    What a captivating shot!!!!!
    Love it. The colour, the angle, the whole thing :)