New Podcast: World of Wonder with DJ CatSynth, January 30, 2013

Better late than never, here is the podcast for my January 30, show.

World of Wonder with DJ CatSynth, January 30, 2013

12:00AM-12:10AM (10:00) Richard Devine “York Capacitor” from Risp LP (2012) on Detroit Underground

12:10AM-12:17AM (6:55) Signal “Wismut” from Robotron (2007) on Raster-Noton

12:17AM-12:25AM (7:52) Brigit Uhler & Gino Robair “Capacitance Blubber” from Capacitance Blubber (Single)

12:26AM-12:35AM (8:38) Dewanatron “Cooling Period” from Irregular Hours, Vol. 1 (2006) on Obedience School Music

12:35AM-12:40AM (5:36) Mitchell Akiyama “Strategies for Combating Invisibility” from Small Explosions That Are Your’s to Keep (2005) on Sub Rosa (Belgium)

12:40AM-12:59AM (18:12) TaTE “El toque de silencio (The call for silence)” from Ph: 0439544574 (2003)

01:00AM-01:05AM (5:00) Amar Chaudhary “Under the Weather (analog modular improvisation)” from Under the Weather (analog modular improvisation) (Single, 2013)

01:05AM-01:09AM (4:15) Pierre Schaeffer “Cinq Cinq études de bruits /1948 – Etude noire” from Schaeffer : L’Œuvre musicale (CD)

01:09AM-01:30AM (21:33) Iannis Xenakis “Bohor” from Electronic Music (1962)

01:31AM-01:49AM (18:27) Karlheinz Stockhausen “Stockhausen: Kontakte – Part 2” from Stockhausen: Kontakte (CD, 1992) on Wergo

01:49AM-01:57AM (8:06) Richard Devine “Reneanalogueseq” from Risp LP (2012) on Detroit Underground

01:57AM-01:58AM (0:56) Ilkae “Camai” from Pistachio Island (2001) on Merck Records

Tune in tonight at midnight PST on KUSF in Exile (San Francisco Community Radio) to hear co-host Matt Davignon’s program, or look for the podcast here.


2 Responses to “New Podcast: World of Wonder with DJ CatSynth, January 30, 2013”

  1. KatzTales Says:

    Nothing happens! Can you check it and drop me an email? Dying to hear this!

  2. KatzTales Says:

    It’s playing! I’m using Firefox. Just rebooted my PC because my anti-virus was hanging too.

    I like it but it’s giving Target the scary shivers. Like Atom Heart Mother. That freaks him out too.