Wordless Wednesday: Crossing


15 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Crossing”

  1. Sukhmandir Kaur Says:

    OOOh I love that weatherproof crossing keeps you warm, cool, dry in all kinds of weather.

  2. Gattina Says:

    You could turn the picture around ! Lol !

  3. Marg Says:

    I bet there are not many of those left. They are such a good idea. Have a terrific day.

  4. Beth F Says:

    Nicely done! What a cool effect.

  5. Louis la Vache Says:

    Fascinating shot! Where was that taken?
    «Louis» is glad you like the Bentley in his “Gearhead Tuesday” post.

  6. Mitch Says:

    We loved showing your wonderful city to our son!

  7. Sue St Clair Says:

    Trippy! :)

  8. Cats of wildcat woods Says:

    Don’t see those crossings very much anymore. Nice!

  9. lisann Says:

    Love it. Love the reflection and the depth.

  10. Beth @ 990 Square Says:

    love the reflection!

  11. Snowcatcher Says:

    What a fun effect! Really makes you twist your head around and forces your mind to look for the pool line and the water causing the reflection!

  12. Rebecca Says:

    old memories, black and white picture

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here .

  13. Julie @ 70WPM Says:

    Very cool image with a bold statement! =)

  14. AVCr8teur Says:

    This is an interesting spot you found. I wonder where it is. It’s unusual to have reflections in the sky instead of on the ground.

  15. jennifer Says:

    Finally linking up with all of my Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. Thanks for linking up! Can’t see what you post this Wednesday.