Weekend Cat Blogging With Sam Sam: Antics

It’s been a little while since we visited with Sam Sam.

She is quite active, constantly running around and reminding us that she is nearby and needs attention.

In this upside-down pose one can see her “goatee” more fully. It’s part of her distinctive face markings.

We are quite enjoying her many antics. Here we see Sam Sam walking the ledge in the studio, looking for attention of course.

Wordless Wednesday: Sam Sam Being Cute

No words needed when Sam Sam turns on the adorableness.

Wordless Wednesday: 168th Street Station, New York

The refurbished 168th Street Station in northern Manhattan. The station/tunnel for the 1 IRT line is quite deep and can only be accessed by elevators.

Wordless Wednesday: San Francisco Alley at Sunset

Wordless Wednesday: Facade (San Francisco)

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Sam Sam

We present this lovely portrait of Samantha (aka “Sam Sam”) today. Something happy and life affirming.

Wordless Wednesday: Brooklyn Apartments

Wordless Wednesday: 49 St Subway Station N-R-W

49th St Subway Station N-R-W

Wordless Wednesday: Twin Peaks from Potrero Hill

Twin Peaks, seen from Potrero Hill

Twin Peaks in San Francisco, as seen from the west slope of Potrero Hill. Shot with Hipstamatic on an iPhone 7.

This Wordless Wednesday also makes Yom Kippur. For those who observe with us, G’mar Hatimah Tovah!

Wordless Wednesday: Afternoon on the Central Waterfront (San Francisco)

ATWater tavern, Central Waterfront, San Francisco

Taking a break from things at the ATwater Tavern along the Central Waterfront in San Francisco, not far from the industrial waterfront we love.