3000 visits…

Well, like the United States, we hit our milestone of a number beginning with three followed by lots of zeroes…

After 3000 visitors, though, you think a few of them might go and buy the CD or download tracks from iTunes or eMusc. But it seems very few visitors even bother to listen to the free samples.

I take pride in keeping this site and my personal/professional site free of ads save for clean and tasteful promotion of my own work. I would like to keep it that way…

…so, time for a Guilt Trip?. If you enjoy this site, would it really hurt to check out the music, maybe buy a 99-cent track or two? If you're an emusic subscriber, add us to your download queue. And if you like anything you hear (heck, even if you don't), please consider writing a short review at one of these sites. Consider this review from Gloria in Toronto at CD Baby:

Amar has done an amazing job in putting together a very creative ensemble of various electronic instruments. Each song in the CD tells a story. Just close your eyes and you can visualize and hear the stories of love, passion, suspense, and anger. It's almost as if I'm watching a movie. The songs made me feel, and every time I listen to the CD, I get more out of it than before. Amar brings forth what I consider to be an exciting new genre of music.

OK, I better wrap this up before it turns into an NPR pledge drive…

Fun with stats: 10 most populated nations

Happy 300 million!

1. China 1,313,000,000
2. India 1,112,000,000
3. United States 300,000,000
4. Indonesia 222,000,000
5. Brazil 184,000,000
6. Pakistan 163,000,000
7. Nigeria 159,000,000
8. Russia 143,000,000
9. Bangladesh 136,000,000
10. Japan 128,000,000

(From the Population Resource Center)

Fun with stats: Internet Users

Top ten “nations” by number of internet users

1. European Union: 230,097,055
2. United States: 203,824,428
3. China: 111,000,000
4. Japan: 86,300,000
5. India: 50,600,000
6. Korea, South: 33,900,000
7. Brazil: 25,900,000
8. Russia: 23,700,000
9. Canada: 20,900,000
10. Indonesia 18,000,000

Fun with stats: Longest California Highways

From Daniel Faigin's amazing California Highways website:

1. US 101. 807 miles
2. I-5. 796 miles
3. CA 1. 656 miles
4. US 395. 557 miles
5. CA 99. 415 miles
6. CA 299. 307 miles
7. CA 65. 305 miles
8. CA 49. 295 miles
9. I-15. 294 miles
10. CA 33. 290 miles

Fun with stats: 10 most rated articles

Here are the ten highest-rated posts based on 90 ratings as of this morning:

the inaugural post (5.00).
moring walk and sea lion (4.33).
In memoriam, Ruth Schonthal (1924-2006), composer and teacher (4.33).
DSI Evolver legal again in Kansas public schools (4.00).
getting ready for tomorrow's performance, part 1 (4.00).
Cat Welfare Society of Israel (4.00).
fun with Emulator X and filter response (3.83).
Luna and table in black and white (3.50).
Green Kitties (3.29).
shades of luna (3.17).

No one has left any comments, so I'm not entirely sure how to interpret any of this. But I'm pretty sure this post will get a very low rating…