Weekend Cat Blogging: Birthday, Thanksgiving, and Encounters

This week we celebrated a belated Thanksgiving and birthday with Luna, who is still boarding away from home.

Luna’s birthday was on November 30, so it’s natural to combine with Thanksgiving. I brought her some leftover turkey from New York, some of which I accidentally dropped while taking it out. But that didn’t stop Luna from rushing over to enjoy it:

Meanwhile, she is making friends with some of the other cats, including another black cat.

It’s great to see her happy and making friends. And even though Luna had to celebrate her birthday and Thanksgiving away from home, we’re hopeful she’ll be back home in time for Channukah.

We also mark the initial release of the new CatSynth website this weekend. All the original posts and comments are here, including many from our “CatSynth FEMA Trailer” site. I’m very happy with the new look and structure, it reflects our modernist and urban aesthetics. Feedback is welcome as we continue our work.

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Weekend Cat Blogging, Festival of Chaos, and more: Toys and Boxes

The theme for this weekend's Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is “toys or boxes.” And we at CatSynth have both toys and boxes. Luna received a package this week from a friend of ours, conveniently arriving for both her “burfday” last weekend, and Channukah this week. What's inside the box? Well, we have birthday cards:

and of course some fascinating new toys:

You want more boxes? We got more boxes!

Yes we have been packing up things here at “soon to be former CatSynth HQ”, even though we're not entirely sure where it is we are moving to.

Thanks to everyone who wished Luna a happy birthday last weekend. We will pay individual visits to everyone as soon as we can.

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Weekend Cat Blogging and more: Luna's "Burfday"

Well, we had a cold, dark, and camera-less night, but that didn't stop us from kicking off Luna's “Burfday” Weekend. Here's a slightly blurry cell-phone photo of Luna:

We had a bit more fun today, and even managed to scrounge up an old camera for some photos. It wouldn't be a birthday without new toys:

And Luna is expecting some more exciting things in the mail real soon.

Of course, there is still plenty of time for rest on a favorite spot, especially as it has been very cold this weekend (even dipped below freezing for a bit):

We're doing the best we can to have some enjoyment and celebration in this really hard, transitional time.

Oh, and Luna is now three years old 🙂

UPDATE: See Luna's “burfday” diary entry at Catster.

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Weekend Cat Blogging #78: Luna's Birthday

This weekend, D and her lazy co-hosts are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #78. This is also the weekend of Luna's birthday, which was officially on November 30 (last Thursday). She is two years old now – the ketzelas grow up so fast, don't they…

Of course, what birthday would be complete without presents? Luna had plenty from her human friends (click on the pictures below to see larger images):

Her favorite seems to be this little blue mousey, she's been playing with it all weekend:

There's still more birthday fun in store. A friend gaves us a copy of the book Meow Chow: Hearty Recipes for Happy Cats.

Doesn't the kitty on the cover look a lot like Luna?

We're going to try the crab cakes this afternoon, if I manage to get my act together. I know a lot of WCB'ers are foodies, so please do check in again later to find out how the feline culinary adventure goes!