Mensa Cat Monday: Donnie Diamonds

The Wit & Wisdom of Donnie Diamonds

The Wit & Wisdom of Donnie Diamonds, this week’s featured comic by J.B.

Mensa Cat Monday: Blowfish Bro-Fist

Blowfish Bro-Fist by J.B.

Your Monday cartoon by J.B. of Vacuum Tree Head.

Mensa Cat Monday: Steve Lacy and “Free Jazz”

Steve Lacy and Free Jazz

Comic by J.B.. You can find out more about Steve Lacy here and here.

This story intersects with Ornette Coleman, whom we wrote about at the time of his death earlier this year. And the desire to “play some interesting music and get paid for it” resonates with us at CatSynth.

Mensa Cat Monday: JoJo and Febbles on Modular Synths

JoJo and Febbles on Modular Synths

JoJo and Febbles return with some humor(?) about modular synthesizers. By J.B.

Mensa Cat Monday: One Year Ago…

It’s been exactly a year since J.B. (Jason Berry of Vacuum Tree Head) posted the very first Mensa Cats comic strip. Here it is:

Mensa Cats, original strip

Looking forward to many more scenes from the Mensa Cats universe in the future.

Mensa Cat Monday: Haiku Cats


We at CatSynth suspect many readers can relate to today’s Mensa Cat Monday haiku. By J.B.

Vacuum Tree Head returns! Outsound New Music Summit 2015

More on Vacuum Tree Head’s upcoming show at the Outsound New Music Summit, via the Red Robot Show!

Vacuum Tree Head returns! One night only, 30 July 2015, VTH will perform as part of the Outsound New Music Summit in San Francisco at the Community Music Center, 544 Capp St. in San Francisco. Please come!

Vacuum Tree Head at Outsound New Music Summit

Vacuum Tree Head at Outsound New Music Summit, July 30

The band Vacuum Tree Head returns for a performance at this year’s Outsound New Music Summit. The event will be on July 30, 8PM at the Community Music Center, 544 Capp Street in San Francisco.

Vacuum Tree Head is led by Jason Berry – that’s “J.B.” who draws the Mensa Cat Monday cartoons. The poster that appears above is his artwork as well. The new lineup for the band features Amanda Chaudhary on keyboards, Rich Corney on guitar, Michael de la Cuesta on guitar, orchestral chimes and synthesizers; Tom Ferguson on bass; Richard Lesnik on saxophones and bass clarinet, Justin Markovits on drums, and Amy X Neuburg on vocals and custom electronics. From the Summit website:

VTH has created music ranging from ambient electronics pieces scored for feedback, bass clarinets, singing bowls and bowed gongs (Tar’Hai Wizard, a piece dedicated to the great Jean “Moebius” Giraud), to tightly composed, guitar-based punk/prog songs (the album “THIRTEEN”), to abstract electronics and audio collage (the album “Aum Carve Etude H”), and all stops in between. The band is currently moving into areas involving the intersection of tightly composed compositions and free improvisation

The even also includes two other great bands. Cabbages, Captain, & King is a trio of Jon Arkin (drums), Karl Evangelista (guitar), and Eli Wallace. I have heard Wallace’s virtuosic piano a few times already this and looking forward to more. Finally, we will be treated to a performance of a new project avantNOIR by Lisa Mezzacappa with her Bait & Switch.

Please visit the Outsound New Music Summit for a full rundown of all the evenings. (We at CatSynth will be the to cover all four concerts.)

Mensa Cat Monday: Cats as Men

Cats as men

By J.B. This one segues nicely from last Friday’s CatSynth pic.

Mensa Cat Monday: Palindrome

Mensa Cats: Palindrome

It’s Mensa Cat Monday, and we have a palindrome for you! By J.B.