CatSynth pics: Korg MS-20 with KORG 35 Filter & Synth Cat


Via matrixsymth:

Currently listed for sale here. “This vintage MS20 is THE MS20 to buy if you’re looking for an original Korg 35 filter version in both great physical and functional shape for a very reasonable price and shipped from WITHIN THE US, NOT JAPAN, WITH US VOLTAGE! As said earlier, this MS20 has the original Korg 35 filter circuit chips (no screw/daughterboard in the VCA section, front panel has the more grey-ish hue than the later versions, which typically have a more jet black-ish hue). It’s in great physical condition for its age, with only minor surface blemishes, and no missing parts, broken parts, major dents, or major damage. The only flaw I can think of is a very small chip out of the bottom of one of the keys (not visible when viewed from above; doesn’t affect function). There is also a vintage sticker on the right end cap, which could be easily removed…”




CatSynth pic: Hohner Electra Piano

Cat with Hoehner Electra Piano

From Michael Van Dijck via our Facebook page.

Here is an example of the Hohner piano in action:

In this video, Chick Corea plays a Hohner Electra piano with Miles Davis. (Keith Jarrett is playing a different electric piano.)

Electric pianos are of course not strictly synths, as they are electro-mechanical rather than electronic. But these instruments are favorites of ours here at CatSynth.

CatSynth video: Keytek CTS-2000 (Jeremy Soule – Menu [Secret of Evermore])

From acreil·67 on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“Multitracked and heavily processed Keytek CTS-2000 arrangement of the menu screen music from Secret of Evermore. The idea was to do an elaborate “dub mix” on each track individually. Recorded 2009?

All synths: Keytek CTS-2000
Drums: Yamaha RX5, Yamaha RY30
Processing: Tapco 4400, Digitech RDS 3.6, Ibanez SDR-1000, Roland VP-70, Alesis Quadraverb, Boss PH-1, Peavey T-Max, Dave Smith Instruments Evolver, Alesis 1622…”