Star Wars Day: Tookas and Loth-cats

As we join many of our friends in the informal celebration of May 4th as Star Wars Day (i.e., “May the Fourth be with you”, oy vey), we lament the lack of felines in the Star Wars cannon. There doesn’t appear to me a feline sentient species analogous to Caitians in Star Trek. But there is a cat-like family of creatures that appear in the animated series Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels: the tooka.

[From Wookiepedia]

Tookas are quite feline in appearance and appear to serve a similar function to domestic cats on Earth as companion animals and rodent control. A specious of tookah native to the planet Lothar, the Loth-cat, is shown in Rebels. They appear to live wild on the grasslands of the planet, but can also be kept as pets.

[From Wookiepedia]

While there are few felines in the Star Wars cannon, they are abundant in fan art. We are particularly fond if this series featuring major characters and their feline companies, including Rey, Princess Leia, and Padme Amidala.

Padme’s cat in this image by Disney animation artists Griz and Norm Lemay reminds me a lot of Luna <3.

CatSynth Video: Resonant – Featured Artist Series (Cat Full of Ghosts)

From brassmonkey on YouTube. Also featured on matrixsynth.

We caught up with Robert Jordan aka Cat Full of Ghosts in another of our Featured Artist Series interviews who is performing at our next Resonant show on the 7th May 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

May Day: General Strike Poster

May Day General Strike

Perhaps our favorite “May Day” artwork of all time. 😺

While we at CatSynth are not able to participate in any of today’s main protests, we support those who are.

CatSynth Video: CSMA: Boutique Jam

From Chrissie Caulfield on YouTube. Spotted by our friend @scatterfilter on Twitter.

“Synth jam with two Roland “Boutique” synths.”

It’s interesting to hear the Boutique synths as a pair (we have two here at CatSynth HQ). You have to wait until near the end to spot the cat 😺.

CatSynth pic: Wendy Carlos and Cats

We kick off 2017 with this illustration of the great Wendy Carlos and her cats.

From forbiddenboner on Instagram, via our friends at Moog Music, Inc.