Mensa Cat Monday: Steve Lacy and “Free Jazz”

Steve Lacy and Free Jazz

Comic by J.B.. You can find out more about Steve Lacy here and here.

This story intersects with Ornette Coleman, whom we wrote about at the time of his death earlier this year. And the desire to “play some interesting music and get paid for it” resonates with us at CatSynth.

Mensa Cat Monday: JoJo and Febbles on Modular Synths

JoJo and Febbles on Modular Synths

JoJo and Febbles return with some humor(?) about modular synthesizers. By J.B.

Mensa Cat Monday: One Year Ago…

It’s been exactly a year since J.B. (Jason Berry of Vacuum Tree Head) posted the very first Mensa Cats comic strip. Here it is:

Mensa Cats, original strip

Looking forward to many more scenes from the Mensa Cats universe in the future.

Mensa Cat Monday: Cats as Men

Cats as men

By J.B. This one segues nicely from last Friday’s CatSynth pic.

Mensa Cat Monday: Palindrome

Mensa Cats: Palindrome

It’s Mensa Cat Monday, and we have a palindrome for you! By J.B.

Mensa Cat Monday: Take Penny, Leave Penny

Haiku Cats: Take Penny Leave Penny

Another in the penny-themed series of haiku comics by J.B.

Mensa Cat Monday: Faster than Light

Mensa Cats faster than light

Today’s Mensa Cats strip explores faster-than-light travel in a NYC deli. By J.B. of Vacuum Tree Head.

Mensa Cat Monday: Ornette!

Ornette Coleman tribute
A tribute to Ornette Coleman from J.B. of the Mensa Cats.

Mensa Cat Monday: Haiku Cats

Haiku Cats

Another installment of the Haiku Cats by J.B.

Mensa Cat Monday: Haiku Cats

Haiku Cats penny

Today we introduce a new strip by J.B. (Jason Berry) in the Mensa Cat universe: the Haiku Cats!

New comic series
Five, seven, five syllables
It’s called Haiku Cats