Wordless Wednesday: 2601 (Transbay lines and angles)

Wordless Wednesday: 8994 (Bride)

Wordless Wednesday: Fort Baker view

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Weekend Cat Blogging #300: Return to Normal

Luna looks on at the jumble of furniture, on which the dotara is sitting post performance.  I actually like the geometric formation of the tables pushed together during the construction, and the contrast of the curved musical instrument.

The big concert is now over and done. It mostly went quite beautifully, except for one technical flaw that disrupted the final piece (more on this in a later post).  The construction is also now done.  So we are looking forward to life at home returning to normal.

We now have the time and opportunity to put the apartment back together, and do those mundane but necessarily things that make up normal life. Oh, and to relax and enjoy a little down time.  At least until the next big creative project begins.  I think we will be starting on Tuesday.

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Wordless Wednesday

Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Silhouette

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is silhouette, which is something that often happens with photos of Luna by chance if not by intention.

It is often a product of Luna’s black fur that the lighting extremes at CatSynth HQ.  But it can lead to interesting results.  I like the contrast of Luna’s black silhouette to the bright chrome and glass reflections in this next photo:

This was taken back on New Years Day.

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Wordless Wednesday: Luna

Weekend Cat Blogging #292: at rest

For today’s Weekend Cat Blogging, we see Luna enjoying a nap:

It seems like she has been resting a lot lately. It’s been cold, it’s been dark, she is probably channeling some of my own fatigue, and of course she is a cat.

We were briefly jolted yesterday by a 4.1-magnitude earthquake in the Bay Area. It was relatively long, but still quite mild. Luna was on alert though, her ears pointing straight up and her eyes growing exceptionally wide. She did not run for cover, though.

Weekend Cat Blogging #292 is hosted by Kashim, Othello and Salome at PaulChens FoodBlog ?!. I quite like the monochrome graphic they created for today:

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Weekend Cat Blogging: New Year and Photohunt:Fuzzy

We at CatSynth attempt to wake up to the new year…slowly.  Here is our first published photo of 2011:

The theme of this weekend’s Photo Hunt is fuzzy, which is easy with Luna around.  One can easily see the fuzziness of her thick winter fur.  Cats do seem to get thicker fur in the winter…and contrary to stereotypes, we do have a winter season in California.

This may end up being about as much as we do today.

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And life goes on…

Weekend Cat Blogging #290

December 25 (Christmas) is a completely free day us.

After a season (and indeed, a year) that has been exceptionally hectic even by my own standards, such emptiness can be a bit jarring. One could catch up on the myriad creative projects and practical items that have been languishing, or just relax. Luna on the other hand has no problem with this whatsoever.

This is yet another lesson we should learn from our animal friends.

I would go for a walk downtown or along the highway structures, but with the blustery wind and stormy skies outside, it seems best to stay inside this morning with a warm cup of of coffee and a cat.  It also seems like a good morning for some 1950s/1960s minor-key jazz (actually, a lot of mornings are good for that).  Just imagine The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Take Five or John Coltrane’s Equinox in the background with the pictures of Luna and you can glimpse Christmas morning at CatSynth HQ.

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