CatSynth pic: Cat playing Nord Stage 2

Cat playing Nord Stage 2

From american_music_and_sound on Instagram.

american_music_and_soundEven the #cat wants a turn. ??❤️?#nord #nordkeyboards #music #potd #instamusic #songwriter #artist #keyboard ・・・
Repost from @joaguero via @igrepost_app, The Cat Synthesizer rocking #NordStage2 #Iseenord #music #CatSynthesizer #NordKeyboards

We at CatSynth are of course big fans of Nord. The Stage 2’s predecessor (Stage EX) is our main keyboard in live shows.

CatSynth pic: Hohner S4 String Synthesizer

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From an auction, via matrixsynth:

Under the racked Minimoog, under the cat.

“This is a very rare Hohner S4 string synthesizer. I have found no information about this item anywhere. Is it a prototype? I don’t know. I do know its a cool paraphonic divide-down synthesizer with “cello” and “strings” sections. Two release modes, fast decay and slow decay. Three octave select buttons. Here is the sound. I am guessing it was manufactured in the mid-to-late 1970s. It operates like it should. Cosmetically, it looks fair for an instrument that has obviously been gigged. The tear in the tole on one of the close-ups has been glued. I will ship carefully, in two boxes, as it has a heavy, boat anchor style power supply with a volume pedal. Here’s the only audio sample I have of it. Sorry, its half-way in.

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