CatSynth Pic: “Mister Bluuuue Skiessss” (Korg VC10 Vocoder)

From Alsún Ní Chasaide‎ on the Facebook group Synthesizer Freaks.

Like I spent weeks restoring this & she can’t wait to get on it. If vocoders aren’t for sits, then why are they made of warm?

We at CatSynth had the opportunity to play with a Korg VC10 vocoder last year.  It is indeed made of warm, as are most analog vocoders 😸.  It also had a bit of the Korg grit that characterizes their vintage instruments, and best of all it allowed for external carrier signals (this is something I wish was easier to do on the Roland VP-03).

CatSynth Video: Rosie and Korg Electribe MX

Rosie with a blue Korg Electribe MX. (At least we think it’s Rosie. We’re pretty sure about the Electribe.) From our friend Karl Lee Avery via Facebook.

The Electribe family has undergone quite a few iterations, including the newer Electribe 2.  I do like the blue-tinted models in particular.

CatSynth Pics: Leo on the Electribe

Leo on the Electribe

Leo the cat lays down some beats on a Korg Electribe. Submitted by @6bq9music via Twitter.

Leo making beats on electribe

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CatSynth pic: Cat and Korg Gadget app

Cat “Inspecting Gadget.” More specifically, a cat with the Korg Gadget app for iOS. From Ken Karsh on the Facebook group iPad Musician.

CatSynth Pic: Cat and Korg MS-20

Cat and Korg MS-20 synthesizer

Cute calico cat sitting atop a Korg MS-20 synthesizer (or at least we are pretty sure it’s an MS-20).

gunceaci . 10M ago

CatSynth Pic: Studio Cats

Karl Lee Avery’s faithful studio cats return.  (Submitted via Facebook.)

The desk passes the fatcat QC
Rosie don’t give a 🎺🔥😵🙀

Identification of the synths left as an exercise to the reader.

CatSynth TV Episode 1: Sahba Sizdahkhani & PC Muñoz / Karl Evangelista Duo

We proudly present the inaugural episode of CatSynth TV!

This first episode visits the Luggage Store Gallery for the regular Thursday night new-music series. This particular evening had two intriguing and performative sets: a solo for santour and drums by Sahba Sizdahkhani and a duo by PC Muñoz and Karl Evangelista on percussion/electronics and guitar, respectively.

Sizdahkhani’s set was a thing of beauty, with layered loops from the santour providing a rich harmonic and rhythmic background. The drums in many ways functioned as the melodic instrument, with expressive phrasing of the rhythms and textures. Muñoz and Evangelista had some powerful jams in odd-time meters, along with some more subdued moments featuring pedals and Muñoz on Korg Delay Monotron and spoken word.

CatSynth TV is not replacing our long-form articles, but rather a complementary offering. Please do subscribe to our new channel to catch more installments. There is another coming this week 😺

CatSynth Video: Live Jam #101 – Techno / Minimal – Eurorack, Volca Sample, tc electronic Skysurfer, The Prophet

From Monotrail on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“And we go on!!! I bought two guitar pedals, mainly for live use. They are sturdy, look good, and are cheap. I thought I would do a Live Jam with some knob tweaking before I place them out sight.
PS: Sorry for the wobly[sic] camera, I don’t have a tripod, but use a bongo instead…

If you are still interested in obtaining one of the 50 tape’s, or a digital version of the 100th Live
Jam release, please visit my bandcamp:”

Nice integration of Korg Volca Sample and TC Electronics with the Eurorack modular. And we like the trick of running the Volca Sample through the Doepfer A-119. Spot the kitty 😺

Roland SH-101 and TR-606, Korg MS-20 and GR-1 Spring Reverb

Feline-themed video featuring classic Roland SH-101, RT-606, Korg MS-20 and GR-1 spring reverb, courtesy of our friends at the Vintage Synth Museum 😺

Also seen on matrixsynth

CatSynth Pic: Zelda the Grey British Blue

Zelda the Grey British Blue

Meet Zelda the Grey British Blue, who approves of the studio updates that include painted 1U panels, a microKORG, Roland rhythm box, and intriguing little DIY synth in an Altoids box, and more. From skaterdays on Instagram.