CatSynth pic: Cat, Moogerfooger and Other Pedals

Cat, Moogerfooger and other pedals

Cat posing with a Moogerfooger and sundry pedals. From tristanlouthrobin on Instagram.

“You shall not (low) pass (filter).” #catsynth

CatSynth pic: Caliope returns

Another submitted by Briana Jones on facebook, featuring Caliope:

A good time to remind readers that you, too, can submit your cat-and-music pics via facebook, twitter @catsynth, or via our handy submission form.

CatSynth pic: I, Parasite

From matrixsynth:

Dia, the tortie with pedals and a modified Casio SK-1. Part of a larger interview (with the artist Parasite, not the cat).

Xiaohei and the Effector13 Soda Meiser

Via our friend at sendling:

Cats seem to like those effector13 pedals.

CatSynth pics: cats with effector13 pedals

Via sendling (who is now included on my “Synth Links” list):

That's a lot of effector13 boxes, and they aren't cheap!