CatSynth video: Michael Hearst – Ode to Odd Instruments

A video with “odd instruments” and a cat, by Michael Hearst (via matrixsynth).

Including (in order of appearance): Knockman “Chachak,” daxophone, Hohner claviola, bass melodica, stylophone, otamatone, Moog theremin, Elasticbrand Audioware rattle, porter’s bell. Also featuring Maddie the cat.”

CatSynth videos: Wicks Looper

From potterpaint2000 on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

“an improv featuring a KP3 processed Wicks Looper from Australia, a wonderful cacaphonous little device. Thanks Brian!…also a Nord Lead and a Stylophone Drumbeat”

I am not familiar with the Wicks Looper, but I did find some more info here, and another video:

CatSynth pic: Incipient Mischief…

From Missy Mouse on flickr, via matrixsynth.

“I suppose I should really have been stopping this, rather than taking a photo…! “

Also from Missy Mouse: “Musical Feets”

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