CatSynth pics: cat and toy keyboard

From Ben of br'er we have these really cute photos of a cat playing with (or at least playing near) a toy keyboard:

Readers may remember Ben and br'er from the infamous CatSynth Tatoo.

CatSynth pic: Mimì and SH-101

Courtesy of our friend polynominal, Mimì returns, this time with an SH-101!

CatSynth: synth cat

From d_amarena at flickr:

Must be a small, young kitten to sit atop a laptop, even a heavy multimedia “desktop replacement.”

New Podcast: "Mission Accomplished (again)"

Some of you may have seen my parody of Bush's May 1, 2003 “Mission Accomplished” theatrics, and a few of you may have even gotten the joke.

In any case, I posted a version to YTMND complete with remixed clips from the speech. Tonight's podcast is an extended version of that speech remix. As always, click on the podcast icon to the right, or the “Podcast” item in the right-side menu, to subscribe.


CatSynth pic: Mission Accomplished!

(Click on image for the full-sized version)

Feel free to spread far and wide, but please give us credit!

hehe, crack upen a window!

CatSynth pic: little cat and modular

From sduck409 at flickr, via matrixsynth:

Quote from sduck409:

This little cat was a real spark plug when we got him back in January of 2006. He would jump up and into anything.

Like matrix, we are reminded of Moogy the Moggy

Funny how this photo is tinted blue, and only a day or so ago we had a catsynth photo tinted red…

CatSynth pic: Little Catty and Little Phatty

Another from Maggie Osterberg at flickr:

You might remember Osterberg's previous contributions, including this other photo of Scooter and Bob (Moog).

CatSynth pics: Mimì and Polyvoks

Remember Mimì, our intrepid little synth programmer?
Now she's taking her paws to the Russian (Soviet era) Polyvoks synthesizer.

Thanks as always to Eric of polynominal for submitting these photos of Mimì.

You can hear some samples of a Polyvoks at

Seems approrpiate to feature a Russian synthesizer today, with the news of the passing of Boris Yeltsin today…

New Podcast: Synth Summit at Luggage Store Gallery, July 2004

Tonight's podcast is an excerpt from the “Synthesizer Summit” at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. Basically, the performance is an improvisation by several artists playing hardware synths. If I recall correctly, the artists and their respective synths were:

Synthia Payne: Roland JP8000
Amar Chaudhary: E-MU Proteus 2000 (Mo'Phatt + Vintage) and Morpheus
LX Rudis: Oberheim Matrix 12
Jim Ryan: Arp 2600
Will Grant: E-MU UltraProteus

Note: many subscribers may have heard another excerpt fromt the Synthesizer Summit that I accidentally released a few weeks back instead of the advertised Woodstockhausen 2003 performance (that has since been corrected).

You can't buy publicity like…

Well, just as we take up the question of cats-and-synths versus dogs-and-synths, the blog Create Digital Music asks the same question, prominently featuring CatSynth and our presentations of Convoy the Cat and the now infamous catsynth tatoo.

Speaking of the tatoo post, it made “CatSynth” of the Day over at dreamchimney a couple weeks back. Congrats to ben who seems to be enjoying the moment.

And while writing this, we find one more surprise reference today, from bloggins:blog, who says, “i don?t know what this is, but, cats with synths are cool.”

We've certainly gotten some attention from these sites, and like they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Most of the “CatSynth” media that has appeared lately was submitted directly to this site, with the balance coming our way via places like matrixsynth and sendling. Thanks everyone, and keep those pics, videos, and whatever else coming…