CatSynth video: Ghost Rider Modular (CatGirl Synth)

From FOCtv on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“Mr. Hand demos a patch utilizing a CatGirl Synth Sub Octave Divider module. The sequence is a facsimile of Suicide’s song Ghost Rider done with a Q119 Sequential Controller. It’s not the complete riff since Marty Rev’s riff is poly-rhythmic and I could only use 8 steps of the analog sequencer. The organ-like tonality is from the CGS Sub-Octave module which can function similarly to the divide down technology used in electric organs.”

Look for a black cat early in the video, and also the sounds with the CatGirl Synth module.

CatSynth video: Plugiator Demo 2- Prodyssey and B4000

From kennykeyboard on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

The virtual analog synthesizer is largely preset in live use but quite programmable with the computer thanks to familiar GUI. I just play sounds from the ARP Odyssey model and a smaller riff from the tonewheel organ model. My cat sits on the patio table listening, purring, and sometimes getting in the way.

CatSynth video: francesca in synth

From FOCtv on YouTube:

“auto-un-installation of girl-cat module”

Among the cutest cat-and-synth videos I have seen so far :)

Can anyone identify the any of the modules?
(UPDATE: thanks to prophei for identifying the modules)

UPDATE: we actually featured Francesca back in 2007.