CatSynth video: francesca in synth

From FOCtv on YouTube:

“auto-un-installation of girl-cat module”

Among the cutest cat-and-synth videos I have seen so far 🙂

Can anyone identify the any of the modules?
(UPDATE: thanks to prophei for identifying the modules)

UPDATE: we actually featured Francesca back in 2007.

CatSynth pics: Pulsewidthmod

Some more photos from pulsewidthmod on flickr:

Not “cat and synthesizer” pics per se, but they do include equipment that is often overlooked but still vital to making music. The mound of tangled cables puts our messy cables at CatSynth HQ to shame. They also reminded me a bit of Christina Mazza’s drawings from the SF Recology Artists in Residence opening that I saw a few weeks ago.

CatSynth pic: Octave Electronics CAT SRM fact sheet, 1978

Retro Synth Ads posted this fact sheet for the Octave CAT yesterday:

[click to enlarge]

I believe we have seen seen this picture with the actual cat before. Additionally, the spec sheet contains the blank patch diagram that I have occasionally used for the Octave CAT.

You can see full-size images as well as additional analysis at Retro Synth Ads.

Mungo State Zero

One of several instruments I encountered at the Analogue Haven booth at NAMM, the Mungo State Zero from Mungo Enterprises:

The State Zero is a large patchable synthesizer. Among its novel features are polyphony (patchable synthesizers are typically monophonic per oscillator unit) and the ability to “memorize” the most recent state of the patch even after the cords of removed. There is also a display feature that shows the signals of the most recently patched elements:

I like the industrial design and the textless graphical elements representing knobs and units, reminiscent of international symbols.