CatSynth Video: Disco Cats!

From our friend Karl Lee Avery via Facebook. We absolutely love this video! Both the cats and the classic 1970s soundtrack 😻

CatSynth Video: Dr. Chorizo – Skittle Cat

We present “Skittle Cat” by Dr. Chorizo Productions. Definitely needed the laugh this morning.

Submitted by David Leikam via Facebook.

CatSynth Video: Cat Keyboard Toy


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Via anderstillman on Instagram. Meow meow!

We could use one of these cat keyboard toys here, for a future project.

Red Robot Show presents Vacuum Tree Head Live @ HSP2017!

The Red Robot Show and Vacuum Tree Head are back! This time Jason Berry brings footage from our March show at HSP2017, and is joined by Marlon Brando in this full-length episode.

The members of the band for this performance are:

Jason Bellenkes : Alto Saxophone and Clarinet
Jason Berry: Conductor
Amanda Chaudhary: Keyboards and Vocoder
Richard Corny: Electric Guitar
Michael de la Cuesta: Guitar, Synth, Vibraphone, Sitar, etc.
Richard Lesnik: Bass Clarinet
Justin Markovits: Drum Kit
Joshua Marshall: Soprano and Tenor Saxophones
John Shiurba: Bass Guitar

Video credits:
Cameras by Amanda Chaudhary and Jason Berry
Edited by Berry / Chaudhary
Audio Engineering by Amanda Chaudhary
Animated and Directed by Jason Berry

Special Thanks:
Mika Pontecorvo
Mark Pino

Brought to you by White Wine. Crisp. And Refreshing.

CatSynth Video: Force Ghost (Synth Cat Excerpt)

From lightbath on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“My synth cat asked if he could show everyone how he feels about this new patch.”

CatSynth Video: Nugget

Thanks nugget. #catsynth

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Nugget the cat performs a new composition for us. From dujoducom on Instagram.

dujoducom Thanks nugget. #catsynth

CatSynth Video: Roland re-201 space echo + iPad fugue machine + electric violin

From abertronic on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“Another one of my restored space echo’s now for sale on ebay.

Ive got an iPad with the app ‘Fugue Machine’ playing through one input and live electric violin on another. Just a quick jam showing that this space echo is working as it should.

My cat loves the space echo… unfortunately she cannot be left alone with it because she’ll chew up the tapes!

ROLAND Re-201 Space Echo $899USD
Its just been cleaned, serviced and checked. Cosmetically very good condition!
Internally and externally cleaned. Pots cleaned and lubricated with contact cleaner.
Serial number: 653577
PLUS! 1 tape installed and 5 spare tape loops!!! (new loops)

Pinch roller and tape heads are in excellent condition. Sounds great , with minimum wow and flutter.
Very nice unit!
Full service has been done on this unit including polished tape heads.
youtube demo coming soon…
$145US SAL economy Air (approx 1-2weeks) .
This item is 100v 50/60hz you may need a power converter depending on your country.”

CatSynth Video: Gieskes 3TrinRGB+1c

Submitted by jellotuna via our Facebook page.

A look at the Gieskes 3TrinRGB+1C from Gijs Gieskes of Netherlands.

Watch for the cats in the video 😺.

Watch for the cats in the video 😺.

CatSynth video: Alesis Photon and iPhone

Synth jam with Alesis Photon, iPhone, and cat 😻. From victimasdelspleen on Instagram.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam: Relaxing and Talking

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with Sam Sam. But this lovely Sunday morning seems like a fine time to do so. It’s a good day for just stretching out and relaxing.

Sam Sam relaxing

Or for sitting on a window sill with filtered light.

It’s good to be a house cat.

Sam Sam is quite talkative, as all of my cats have been. It’s probably because I talk to them all the time, too. In this video you can hear a bit of her voice, as well as her loud purr.

This video only shows a small example of her vocal range – it is quite a challenge to get her to talk on cue, especially with her tendency to poke her nose into anything and everything.

It’s good to be a house cat.