Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Listening Intently.


During yesterday’s rainy morning, Luna sat with me as I listened to the final master for Reconnaissance Fly’s new album. I snapped this close-up with the iPad. She was so calm and poised. And she did listen to the music. I think her favorite track was Oh Goldfinch Cage, not just because of the subject matter, but because its timbral texture is quite different from anything else on the album, with more isolated percussion and sound effects. Lots of things to perk up both cat and human ears.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Cuteness

The third show of “Three Show Weekend” is coming up in a few hours.  It’s been a busy week, not just with the shows but also rehearsals and work.  But I still make quite a bit of time for Luna.  And who wouldn’t when confronted with an ultra-cute guilt trip like this.


Luna has perfected her cute poses and guilt trips, especially over the past year.   And she knows it works.  It doesn’t prevent me from getting to work in the morning, but it does sometimes make me a few minutes late.


Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Day of Rest

Luna resting

It’s not unusual for Luna to spend most of her day napping in sun puddles, but it’s a rare occasion when I get do so as well.  This month has been rewarding but also exhausting, with work, the Portland trip, multiple shows and sundry other events and obligations.  Fortunately, this weekend is largely free and thus a good time to rest as well as attend to health and home.    And of course to spend time with Luna.

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Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna

Luna sitting

With the craziness of the Outsound Music Summit and an intense work week behind us, today is about catching up. And that means spending more quality time with Luna, who has been very patient.

More Summit reviews will be posted in the next few days, and I need to plan for upcoming shows and projects in August. But Luna will see to it that I go at a reasonable pace, with time for togetherness and relaxation.

I suppose we could use the common cat-blogging title “Easy Like Sunday” for todays post, but for some reason nothing ever feels “easy” even when it is wholly good and rewarding.

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Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Under the Glass

Luna under the glass

We’re in the midst of a heatwave in San Francisco, and CatSynth HQ gets exceptionally warm on these days. It’s on warm sunny days like this that Luna is especially of fond of napping underneath glass tables.

It’s been nice featuring Luna three times in the past week on the blog, but hopefully I will have some time for other posts as well, including getting through the backlog of music and art reviews from the past month or so.

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Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: The camera that you have

It’s always about the camera that one has on hand, especially with cat portraits that are in the moment. When Luna jumped on my lap for some affection the other day, the only camera I had was the iPad.

Luna on lap - iPad Photo

It is lower resolution and optics compared to the iPhone or my DSLR, but pointed correctly it still captures Luna’s features and essence.

This morning, I happened to have the DSLR on hand, and Luna was quite well posed. So it was time for an impromptu photo shoot.

Luna closeup portrait

The photos were a good reminder of what the good camera and lenses can do and the “iThingies” cannot. Here, one can control the optics to get a particularly rich and detailed portrait. Of course, it helps that Luna cooperated by staying relatively still, only moving her head into different poses like a professional model.

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Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Gotcha Day Report

As regular readers know, last Monday, June 10, was Luna’s Gotcha Day. Thanks to everyone who sent her warm wishes. She certainly enjoyed her day.


We also made a special dinner that we could share together. These fish cakes, from the book Meow Chow are both quite delicious and safe for cats:


Luna was quite excited by the aroma of the fish cooking. And then it was time for her to enjoy her share:


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Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna and the Blue Fish

Luna still loves her blue fish toy. She carries it around like a teddy bear and cuddles with it. Here is a short video of her play with it – stick around for the end to hear her voice.

If your cat has a favorite toy like, we’d love to hear about it.

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Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Modular Synth

Luna and modular synth

Luna sits down to relax near the modular synth. The purple Monorocket case is completely packed with modules and a mess of wires that are the result of improvised patching. Fortunately, Luna seems to show no interest in the wires, but is more focused on her toys, such as the blue fish (one of her favorites).

The modular is currently set up in the living room for practicing ahead of my duo performance tomorrow night with David Samas. Apropos of Weekend Cat Blogging, the theme of the performance is leopard print. You can see a video of our past performance below and read more about it in this post.

Amar Chaudhary and David Samas at Turquoise Yantra Grotto, April 5, 2013 from CatSynth on Vimeo.

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Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Reading the Paper

A typical weekend morning features coffee, the newspaper, and Luna. Here is what it often looks like from my perspective.

Luna looks for attention while the author reads the newspaper

Luna with New York Times (iPad)

I don’t think Luna cares in particular about Senators McCain and Rubio, but she does like attention, especially when I am nearby but not paying attention to her. (One could probably say the same thing about the politicians featured in the news.)

I have also grown quite accustomed to reading my newspaper on the iPad. A sign of the times.

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