Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Holiday Break

So this is mostly how Luna and I spent our two-day Christmas break.


Relaxation and comfort was the primary agenda. I didn’t even keep up the tradition of going out for Chinese food.

We hope you all had a good holiday as well, however you choose to spend it! And if you haven’t had a chance to check out last weekends SF SPCA holiday windows post, we recommend that you do so.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Belated Birthday

Luna Birthday Card

Finally, we have a free morning, so we are celebrating Luna’s birthday two weeks late. But we’re having fun, and Luna is enjoying getting a bit wasted on catnip. She also received a birthday card from a dear friend of ours.

After a short time, Luna went to sit contentedly in one of her favorite morning spots, under the glass. I am quite happy with this photo (snapped with my iPhone) that captures Luna’s natural beauty in an abstract setting.


While you’re here, please check out my report from my performance at Spectrum last month in New York. It even has a feline bit at the start.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Homecoming

Luna and tablas

The recent New York trip officially came to an end when I brought Luna home on Thursday. Changing locations is always a bit disorienting for her, but she quickly readjusted to her familiar home surroundings. She has also been very attached, looking for every opportunity to cuddle in my lap or at least sit next to me.

Luna lap

Yes, I do need to finish unpacking. It’s actually been quite busy since I returned, including a late-night gig with Surplus 1980 on Thursday and a show tonight with Reconnaissance Fly in Sacramento. But after that things calm down quite a bit. So we will have a proper but belated celebration for Luna’s birthday next week. Meanwhile, she is getting all the comfort and cuddles I can provide.

tillie_2204Finally, a sad note. We were heartbroken last week to hear about the passing of our friend Tillie. Tillie was from the kitty clan in Nova Scotia that also shared Mickey with us, and their mom has been one of our big supporters here at CatSynth. We often noted back and forth how much Tillie and Luna looked alike. We send the whole family our deepest sympathies for their loss.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Boarding Time

I am currently in New York, which means Luna is currently at her usual boarding place.


She adjusted to her surroundings fairly quickly. It is probably somewhat familiar as we have been boarding Luna here for most of my time in San Francisco. And the staff knows her and will probably be spoiling her while I’m gone.


They do make sure to provide one of her favorite rooms along the kitchen hallway, where she can see the human activity from a high perch just like at home.

I am currently focused on this trip, which should be an interesting one. But I do always look forward to being reunited with Luna when I return home.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna

There are times when I envy Luna’s ability to just relax.

Luna napping in sun puddle

After several weeks of hyper-activity and a bit of tumult, we are enjoying a quiet weekend at home, with plenty of sun puddles.


I of course have quite a few things to do – preparing for my annual New York trip and getting out a couple of gig reports for this site – but time with Luna is definitely a priority.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Peek-a-boo!


I snapped this picture of a bashful Luna during a rehearsal yesterday for my upcoming Pitta of the Mind performance at the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco.  Luna is often very shy around company, but she does come out for a few select friends whom she has decided are OK.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Modernist Poses


Luna has long been comfortable in her modernist surroundings, at it is a common subject of her weekend visits to CatSynth.  In the photo above, she is striking one of her attention-getting cute poses against the circular geometry of the rug and the angular lines of the glass table.


In those photo, she has a more elegant pose, the classic “reclining cat” from many works of art.  But she also has a little bit of attitude and disdain her expression, probably directed towards me for snapping pictures.

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Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Listening Intently.


During yesterday’s rainy morning, Luna sat with me as I listened to the final master for Reconnaissance Fly’s new album. I snapped this close-up with the iPad. She was so calm and poised. And she did listen to the music. I think her favorite track was Oh Goldfinch Cage, not just because of the subject matter, but because its timbral texture is quite different from anything else on the album, with more isolated percussion and sound effects. Lots of things to perk up both cat and human ears.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Cuteness

The third show of “Three Show Weekend” is coming up in a few hours.  It’s been a busy week, not just with the shows but also rehearsals and work.  But I still make quite a bit of time for Luna.  And who wouldn’t when confronted with an ultra-cute guilt trip like this.


Luna has perfected her cute poses and guilt trips, especially over the past year.   And she knows it works.  It doesn’t prevent me from getting to work in the morning, but it does sometimes make me a few minutes late.


Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Day of Rest

Luna resting

It’s not unusual for Luna to spend most of her day napping in sun puddles, but it’s a rare occasion when I get do so as well.  This month has been rewarding but also exhausting, with work, the Portland trip, multiple shows and sundry other events and obligations.  Fortunately, this weekend is largely free and thus a good time to rest as well as attend to health and home.    And of course to spend time with Luna.

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