CatSynth Pic: White Cat and Wires

A fluffy white cat has gotten tangled up in modular cables 😸

From chichi_response on Instagram.

I am the only real Source of Uncertainty

Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam

It’s been almost a month since our last check-in with Sam Sam on these pages, and that is too long.  And she is expressing her desire that we give her the attention she deserves.

If you have seen any of Sam Sam’s videos on Instagram or YouTube, you know she is quite the talker.  Usually, it’s her tiny raspy mew, though her voice occasionally blooms into full-blown arias.

Sam Sam’s morning routine 😻 #catsofinstagram

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By the window #catsofinstagram

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This is a good time to remind folks that you can follow her antics regularly on our Instagram @catsynth.  Please do follow us if you feel so inclined.

The main rug is definitely one of her favorite spots and shows evidence of her frequent scratch’n’rolls.  Honestly, we don’t mind as we delight in her antics.  But it does require vacuuming, which is on deck for today.  I know she is not going to enjoy that, but it is necessary.

Fortunately, she has other spots to enjoy around HQ, including this comfy chair in the loft.

Honestly, I wanted to sit there to read 😸

We hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

CatSynth Pic: White Cat and Modular, Vertical View

A beautiful pic from Davor Gazde and his white feline companion.  It looks like the cat is inspecting the patch quite intently.

We are pretty sure this is the same Modcan modular synthesizer from their previous photos.  You can see all of their contributions via this link.


CatSynth Pic: Yoli and Moog Sub Phatty

Beautiful white cat Yoli is making a monophonic drone on a Moog Sub Phatty synthesizer.  From yolanda.yolanda.yolanda on Instagram.

The Sub Phatty is perhaps the most under-appreciated member of Moog’s Phatty line of synthesizers, which includes the popular Sub37.  We have one at CatSynth, and it has served us well both in the studio and in live performance. You can view my recent video on the hidden features of the instrument below.

It has been a frequent setting for CatSynth pics over the years featuring many different cats, including CatSynth Video: Moog Sub Phatty Purrs.

CatSynth Pic: White Cat and Modcan Modular

Our white feline friend returns, sitting atop a large Modcan modular system as streaks of sunlight enter the room.

Submitted by our friend Davor Gazde via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Pic: Volca Collection (Eevo Lute)

Our fluffy white friend from Eevo Lute Music & Technology is back once again. This time with four Korg Volca synthesizers.

We currently have two Volca’s here at CatSynth HQ, so those stands caught our interest. 😺

CatSynth Pic: Maximus in the Studio

Maximus in the studio

Our friend Maximus is in the studio ready to produce some new tracks. Submitted by ‎Jason D Rodriguez via our Facebook page.

Maximus also likes the bass. (So do we.)

Maximus with bass

CatSynth Pic: Studio Cat (Eevo Lute)

White at in Studio

Our fluffy white friend is back and relaxing in the studio. From Eevo Lute Music and Technology via Facebook.

CatSynth Video: Fazıl Say and Cat

Pianist Fazıl Say playing some beautiful virtuosic piano for a white cat. 😺 🎹

CatSynth Pic: White Cat and MU Modular with Hordijk Modules

Another from Davor Gazde via our Facebook page. This image features his beautiful white cat with an MU-format system that includes modules from Rob Hordijk. It’s a bit like an expanded and more powerful version of what we have here with our benjolin module. 😺