CatSynth video: cat prelude

From subtone on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

Sounds a bit like a 1980s power ballad…or a music store from my deep dark youth (the two have a lot in common).

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15 thoughts on “CatSynth video: cat prelude

  1. SnowForest’s human here: I’d like to thank you for your kind words of support following the recent loss of our cat Forest ~ we appreciate your kindness a lot..

  2. It took me half a dozen tries to get your site to load up- but I could tell you are a player cuz I saw your ID all around WW today so kept trying. Success at last!
    The kitty obivously is intrigued by the sound it is producing. Reminiscent of a certain phantom in a certain Opera 😉

  3. Yeah, my entire website was down during the middle of today. That was very annoying, I am again losing patience with my hosting service.

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