CatSynth pic: Keyboard Cat, Casio VL-1, and Pedals

Keyboard Cat, VL-1, and pedals

From The Keyboard Cat (yes, the Keyboard Cat) on Facebook. It looks like he has some great gear in addition to his main keyboard, such as the Casio VL-1 and pedals in this photo.

CatSynth Pic, and an Update on Luna

Luna, Casio SK-1 and Korg Volca Beats

Luna poses near her beanbag chair in the studio and stacked Casio SK-1 and Korg Volca BEATS. More importantly, she is now collar-free! She got the all clear at her post-surgery follow-up on Friday, as the incision is healing well. We will soon be in contact with the oncologist about a next round of chemo and hopefully we will knock out the cancer for real.

Luna has been much happier without the collar, and he mood has brightened a lot. She is playful and affectionate, but she does sleep a lot – she is a cat after all. But her sleeping once again looks very peaceful.

Luna sleeping in a circle

I am always impressed with her ability to curl up into a nearly perfect circle.

OtterSynth video: Otters on a Casio

Occasionally, we feature synths with other animals besides cats. This is one of those occasions. This video of otters playing a Casio keyboard is too cute not to share. And not too different from some of the human-made free jazz I have heard.

From Smithsonian’s National Zoo:

Move over, Mozart! Asian small-clawed otter paws fly across the keyboard as part of their #ZooEnrichment. The otters are given the choice to play the keyboard or just sit back and enjoy the show—engaging their sight, touch, and hearing senses.

CatSynth pic: Cat and Casio CTK-496

Casio CTK-496

Black cat sitting atop a Casio CTK-496 keyboard. From rowannoyes on Instagram.

CatSynth pic: Harkonnen and PT-20

A couple of weeks ago, we featured Arrakis that cat. Today we introduce Arrakis’ brother Harkonnen. (Yes, we see what they did there.)

Harkonnen and PT-20

Harkonnen bangs out a tune on his Casio PT-20. Submitted by Yann Antimoine‎ via Facebook.

CatSynth pic: Pumpkin and SK-1


Submitted by our friend Amber Brien of PAS Musique. Click here to read about their performance in San Francisco last year.


While my SK-1 does not function as a cat bed, I probably should make better use if it 🙂

BirdSynth pic (?!)

While we are focused on cats, occasionally a photo with other animals is too cute to pass up, such as this one of budgies taking over a Casio keyboard.


This actually marks the second “birdsynth” picture, as we featured an owl here.

CatSynth pic: Videocat and Casio SK-1

Videocat with Casio SK-1

“videocat sings along with her new casio sk-1”

Submitted by The Wiggly Tendrils via our Facebook page.


Manda Synth Cat and the World’s Smallest Synthesizer

From Marie Haddad, via matrixsynth.

“”Manda the kitty decided to help me write a song today. Somebody needs to get this cat a mic!”

No cat in this second photo, but that must be one of the tiniest keyboards I have seen:

CatSynth pic: Space Echo RE-201, Drumstation, DM-100


“Orla Jenkins keeping warm with Space Echo RE-201, Drumstation and DM-100.”

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