CatSynth pic: sequencer cat

From”>, via matrixsynth:

“custom sequencer cat circuit bent casio mt240 jomox t resonator”

CatSynth pic: Casio Bobcat

From Maggie Osterberg on flickr. Submitted by torley via twitter:

We have seen several pictures of Bob from Maggie Osterberg in the past, often with a Moog.

And please do check out yesterday’s black-cat photo if you have not already done so.

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CatSynth pic: Music Kitty (Bothering Me)

From Lara May on flickr:

CatSynth pic: I, Parasite

From matrixsynth:

Dia, the tortie with pedals and a modified Casio SK-1. Part of a larger interview (with the artist Parasite, not the cat).

CatSynth pic: Incipient Mischief…

From Missy Mouse on flickr, via matrixsynth.

“I suppose I should really have been stopping this, rather than taking a photo…! “

Also from Missy Mouse: “Musical Feets”

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CatSynth pic: Tan my Hide

From feathermeal on flickr, via matrixsynth: