CatSynth Pic: Scout with Roland Juno 106, Dreadbox Hades, and more

Scout sits atop a vintage Roland synthesizer. We are pretty sure it’s a Roland Juno 106. In the back, we see a Dreadbox Hades, as well as offerings from Novation and Arturia. From Carl Peczynski via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Video: AXEL RIGAUD — BAOBAB (Pyramid studio session #1)

From Squarp Instruments on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

CatSynth video: Dreadbox Erebus

Titled “how to unbox a greek synthesizer (Dreadbox Erebus)” by Neoplasma on YouTube, via matrixsynth. You can guess where the cat ends up at the end of the video 😉

You can see more related Dreadbox Erebus videos in the original Matrixsynth post.