CatSynth pic: Synthcat

By tedjames on flickr, via matrixsynth:

Keyboard Cat’s World Series Wonderful Pistachios Commercial!

From chuckieart on YouTube:

“ – Keyboard Cat went to Hollywood and made a commercial for Wonderful Pistachios! Bento even met Perez Hilton and Rod Blagojevich! Get crackin!”

Really, Rod Blagojevich?!

Also on matrixsynth. The keyboard in this case is the classic Ensoniq Mirage.

CatSynth pic: altbengal

From betteroffted on flickr, via matrixsynth:

“Hector in the studio.”

CatSynth pic: Silver Thread by Carbon111

From carbon111’s blog via matrixsynth:

Carbon111 also presents a new track title Silver Thread, which you can hear on his blog. The track was composed using an Ensoniq Fizmo, Waldorf Q, Korg Oasys and Digidesign’s Boom softsynth.

CatSynth pic: Custom Fizmo

From the sodium potassium pimp on flickr, via

You can see the original Ensoniq Fizmo here.

I was interested in some of the things the Fizmo (and other late model Ensoniqs) were doing with “trans wave” technology. But I think I have that an more with software-based granular synthesis.

CatSynth pic: Charlotte the cat inspects Farfisa organ

On matrixsynth, via Lee:

What’s this, more keyboard clutter?

Here are a few pics of Charlotte the cat inspecting a recently
acquired Farfisa Fast 5 organ, that is in my studio / living room.

Note – seen under plastic in the background, top to bottom:
Roland SH-101, Korg MS-2000 and Ensoniq EPS sampler / workstation.

CatSynth pics: Carbon111, Studio Revamp

From carbon111, via matrixsynth:

Spot the kitty in the picture?

Carbon111 is the author of the CatSynth motivational posters we presented back in February.

In the studio revamp post, they also have a “comfy chair” picture that reminds me of Luna curled up in her favorite chair here at CatSynth HQ.

And it looks like carbon111 recently completed a track entitled Luna.

CatSynth pic: Wildfreshness (Cholula)

A second photo from Ned of wildfreshness:

Cholula poses on an Ensoniq ESQ-1.

Check out more Cats On Tuesday at meeyauw.

CatSynth pic: Black and White

From threeblackbirds at Flickr, via matrixsynth:

“maddi, please be careful with my synth.”

CatSynth pic: Marx and Ensoniq

Marx from sarendipatree makes another appearance:

I believe that is an Ensoniq ASR-10r sampler? I thought about trading my ASR keyboard for the rackmount at one point, though neither would be particularly practical for me at this point.