CatSynth Pic: Giuliano and MPC Live

Handsome Giuliano poses with an Akai MPC Live. From automageddon on Instagram.

Giuliano and MPC Live: Maine Coon Production Centre

CatSynth pic: Giuliano and Ikea Rast

Another from Alessandro featuring Giuliano, via facebook:

“Ikea Rast used as case for modular synth (cable holders, legs and desk are from Ikea too).
The cat is not.”

You can see other Ikea-based modular racks, including the Rast.

(I see Doepfer and MFB modules in the rack, and a Roland MC-505. Please feel free to provide your own identifications for the synths.)

CatSynth pic: Giuliano, part 2

Today we have another picture from Alessandro Cilano of sleeping Giuliano

“Same cat, slightly bigger, sleeping between an Akai LPK22 and a MacBook. By the bored look on his face you can see he doesn’t like the Access Virus or the Babybox Noise Generator in the background.”

CatSynth pic: Giuliano with MPC-1000 and PSP

Submitted by Alessandro Cilano:

“A still small maine coon sleeping next to my MPC-1000 while I’m messing around with Rockstar Beaterator on PSP.”