CatSynth pic: Baxter on the OB-8

From Eric Frampton, via matrixsynth:

CatSynth video: shamii_in_studio_annoclip1.m4v, with Mister Kitty

From prophei on YouTube, featuring Mister Kitty and an extensive collection of synthesizers:

“annodalleb studio cuts #1”

We featured Mister Kitty in this previous post.

CatSynth pics: Mister Kitty

We at CatSynth introduce Mister Kitty!

Photos submitted by prophei.

Although hard to see in this photo, the modular features several of the modules we reviewed in our Analogue Haven @ NAMM article. Mr. Kitty poses with synths from Oberheim and Moog in the first photos.

CatSynth pic: Tiger and OB-8

Submitted by Tony Cappellini via facebook:

“Tiger- on tweaking a patch on my OB-8”

CatSynth pic: Tom, An Oberheim Two Voice System

Via matrixsynth, originally from an auction.

(Check out more Cats on Tuesday)

New Podcast: Synth Summit at Luggage Store Gallery, July 2004

Tonight's podcast is an excerpt from the “Synthesizer Summit” at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. Basically, the performance is an improvisation by several artists playing hardware synths. If I recall correctly, the artists and their respective synths were:

Synthia Payne: Roland JP8000
Amar Chaudhary: E-MU Proteus 2000 (Mo'Phatt + Vintage) and Morpheus
LX Rudis: Oberheim Matrix 12
Jim Ryan: Arp 2600
Will Grant: E-MU UltraProteus

Note: many subscribers may have heard another excerpt fromt the Synthesizer Summit that I accidentally released a few weeks back instead of the advertised Woodstockhausen 2003 performance (that has since been corrected).

Catsynth pics: Triple Threat

Via our friend matrix, we have a trio of recent photos of cats and synths.

First we have Scooter and Bob (Moog, that is.), originally from Maggie Osterberg at flickr:

Next, we have a big fluffy cat with an Anywhere modular, originally from

And finally, and quite appropriately, the “Matrix Cat” laying claim to an Oberheim Matrix-6r. Originally from synx508, whose cats have appeared here before:

Thanks to matrix for collecting and posting these photos, and for putting up with a lot of cranky comments in response to them. In particular, “Matrix Cat” seems to have generated a lot of harsh comments about how cats and synthesizers should not mix. Lighten up, folks!