CatSynth Pic: Cat on Modular

WunWun atop a modular

Cats find the strangest places to sit. Here, we see WunWun the cat sitting atop a two-row modular synthesizer setup. From flohrdumal on Instagram.

flohrdumal All modules used in a smoke free pet free studio
#studiokatze #noboundaries #crazykitty#synthcat #catsynth #modular#eurorack #cat #katze #gato #chatphoto by @sirbananamonkeymowgli


flohrdumal At least now I know that WunWun is 3u x 104hp


CatSynth Pic: Meezer and Modular

meezer and modular

Siamese Cat (aka “meezer”) with a modular synth.  From alissaderubeis on Instagram.

I had a lot of fun in California. Special thanks to kitty for making it so I can finally do this cat synth thing. ❤️#catsynth#catsonsynths#catsingeneral#eurorack

We, of course, think California is a fine place for cats and synths.

CatSynth Pic: Miep and Roland D-70

Miep and Roland D-70

Our feline friend Miep is back, this time with a Roland D-70 synthesizer.  FromDennis Matana via .

The Roland D-70 is not as common as the iconic D-50.  You can read more about it on Vintage Synth Museum .  Interestingly, it appears to have at least as much in common with the U series as the D series, and never achieved a similar popularity to the D-50.

CatSynth Video: Cat Keyboard Toy


A post shared by Anders (@anderstillman) on

Via anderstillman on Instagram. Meow meow!

We could use one of these cat keyboard toys here, for a future project.

CatSynth pic: Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

From our friends at Eevo Lute Music & Technology.

A new test victim has arrived.. #pioneer #pioneerdj #davesmithinstruments #toraiz Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

We hope that human and feline enjoy their new “test victim” 😸. You can read our early take on the collaboration between Dave Smith Instruments and Pioneer on this product line in our report from NAMM 2017.

CatSynth pic: Cookie Dough and Video Synth

Submitted by Steven Franks via our Facebook page.

Cookie Dough, thinking of “Cat Full Of Ghosts”, Video Equations video synth. #Jellotuna

CatSynth pic: Black Cat, Korg Volca FM, and More

Cute black cat playing a Korg Volca FM synthesizer. Submitted ‎by Stephen Cort Smith via our Facebook page.

This picture is too adorable, especially because we love black cats. But it’s also a reminder that I need to explore the Volca FM more here at CatSynth HQ as I have only scratched the surface.

CatSynth pic: Rupert and Arturia MiniBrute

Rupert and arturia minibrute

By Lee Tizzard via Facebook:

A down to Earth photo of my cat Rupert, relaxing with Conway Pacheco’s Arturia MiniBrute analogue synthesizer…

CatSynth pic: Purrs for Luna from Merce

Merce purring for Luna

We received this sweet post from Merce that cat via Twitter, with purrs for Luna. Thank you <3

CatSynth video: Novation Circuit Test

From molotovsystem on YouTube – aka “Luke’s Anger”, via matrixsynth.

Picked this (Novation Circuit) up yesterday 2nd hand for ridiculously cheap.

A fun little demo with some lo-fi sounds. The cat seems quite content, though unimpressed.