CatSynth Pic: White Cat and Modcan Modular

Our white feline friend returns, sitting atop a large Modcan modular system as streaks of sunlight enter the room.

Submitted by our friend Davor Gazde via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Pic: Volca Collection (Eevo Lute)

Our fluffy white friend from Eevo Lute Music & Technology is back once again. This time with four Korg Volca synthesizers.

We currently have two Volca’s here at CatSynth HQ, so those stands caught our interest. 😺

CatSynth Pic: Maximus in the Studio

Maximus in the studio

Our friend Maximus is in the studio ready to produce some new tracks. Submitted by ‎Jason D Rodriguez via our Facebook page.

Maximus also likes the bass. (So do we.)

Maximus with bass

CatSynth Pic: Studio Cat (Eevo Lute)

White at in Studio

Our fluffy white friend is back and relaxing in the studio. From Eevo Lute Music and Technology via Facebook.

CatSynth Video: Fazıl Say and Cat

Pianist Fazıl Say playing some beautiful virtuosic piano for a white cat. 😺 🎹

CatSynth Pic: White Cat and MU Modular with Hordijk Modules

Another from Davor Gazde via our Facebook page. This image features his beautiful white cat with an MU-format system that includes modules from Rob Hordijk. It’s a bit like an expanded and more powerful version of what we have here with our benjolin module. 😺

CatSynth pic: Cat, Arturia, and Nord

From i_radar (Саксаганского Стрит) on Instagram.

Появился новый синт. Пока ищу другой звук кроме “мяу” и “фррррр”…
#vsco #synth #nordelectro #arturia #catsynth #котосинт #музыканаколенке

CatSynth pic: Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

From our friends at Eevo Lute Music & Technology.

A new test victim has arrived.. #pioneer #pioneerdj #davesmithinstruments #toraiz Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

We hope that human and feline enjoy their new “test victim” 😸. You can read our early take on the collaboration between Dave Smith Instruments and Pioneer on this product line in our report from NAMM 2017.

CatSynth pic: White Cat and Waldorf Pulse

White cat with Waldorf Pulse synthesizer

From Zwaren Kost on the Facebook group Synthesizer Freaks. It was actually a response to this post.

I have had the opportunity to play a Waldorf Pulse, though I couldn’t find a NAMM review of it.

CatSynth pic: Paws and Wires crossed for Luna

We have been blessed to receive so many warm wishes for Luna over the past few days, including a few in the form of CatSynth Pics. Here is one Merce (@merce_the_cat) via CatSynth.

Merce the cat

@catsynth hang in there, Luna! I’m keeping my paws and wires crossed for you