CatSynth Pic: Studio Cat (Eevo Lute)

White at in Studio

Our fluffy white friend is back and relaxing in the studio. From Eevo Lute Music and Technology via Facebook.

CatSynth Video: Fazıl Say and Cat

Pianist Fazıl Say playing some beautiful virtuosic piano for a white cat. 😺 🎹

CatSynth Pic: White Cat and MU Modular with Hordijk Modules

Another from Davor Gazde via our Facebook page. This image features his beautiful white cat with an MU-format system that includes modules from Rob Hordijk. It’s a bit like an expanded and more powerful version of what we have here with our benjolin module. 😺

CatSynth pic: Cat, Arturia, and Nord

From i_radar (Саксаганского Стрит) on Instagram.

Появился новый синт. Пока ищу другой звук кроме “мяу” и “фррррр”…
#vsco #synth #nordelectro #arturia #catsynth #котосинт #музыканаколенке

CatSynth pic: Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

From our friends at Eevo Lute Music & Technology.

A new test victim has arrived.. #pioneer #pioneerdj #davesmithinstruments #toraiz Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

We hope that human and feline enjoy their new “test victim” 😸. You can read our early take on the collaboration between Dave Smith Instruments and Pioneer on this product line in our report from NAMM 2017.

CatSynth pic: White Cat and Waldorf Pulse

White cat with Waldorf Pulse synthesizer

From Zwaren Kost on the Facebook group Synthesizer Freaks. It was actually a response to this post.

I have had the opportunity to play a Waldorf Pulse, though I couldn’t find a NAMM review of it.

CatSynth pic: Paws and Wires crossed for Luna

We have been blessed to receive so many warm wishes for Luna over the past few days, including a few in the form of CatSynth Pics. Here is one Merce (@merce_the_cat) via CatSynth.

Merce the cat

@catsynth hang in there, Luna! I’m keeping my paws and wires crossed for you

CatSynth Pic: Modcan Synthesizer cat nook

Modcan modular synth

Submitted by Davor Gazde via our Facebook page. We think this cat has found a nice spot to sit inside the Modcan modular synth 🙂

CatSynth pic: A Flat

From Sawa Masaki on flickr, we have another photo featuring Taro:

Taro is like me, and partial to flats rather than sharps.  I am pretty sure the synth is a DSI Mopho.  Please comment if you think otherwise.

Also appears on matrixsynth.

CatSynth video: UKU MAZE shy and strange

A music video this morning, via matrixsynth:

“‘Shy and Strange’ by Uku Maze, 11. december 2011

Lyrics, melody, vocal, arranger & production: Tine Louise Kortermand
Bass & arranger: Boe Katharina Demsy Przemyslak
Beats, synth, arranger & production: Kristoffer Ovesen

Other participants: The dog Zeus, the rabbit Stampe and the cat Gilbert.

Video concept and finalcut edit: Tine Louise Kortermand
Camera: Tine Kortermand, Camilla Kortermand, Xenia Haurand & Rico Feldfoss. Colourgrading: Rico Feldfoss
Thanks to drawings and assistance: Xenia Haurand & Karen MØ”

Look for the white cat Gilbert about 2 minutes into the video. Also look for the bowed electric bass. There are also some interesting moments with line drawings and costuming (particularly the pink and white outfit), as well as a few gear shots with Jomox, Korg, etc.